by Janet A. Ginsburg

There it was, buried in the Metro section of the morning paper: one short paragraph announcing the first West Nile crow fatality in the Chicago area for 2006. 'Tis the season and reports are trickling in: Positive mosquito pools in Missouri. Dead birds in Ontario. A sick horse in Idaho. A 27-year-old man hospitalized in central California (no need to worry, though, at least according to the news report…).

A few years ago, West Nile was headline. It was news that hit home, almost literally, when an exquisitely handsome crow fell from of the sky one day, landing face-down in some nearby grass. I happened to be working on a West Nile story for National Geographic television and actually needed crow footage, so it was strangely fortuitous. My afternoon spent on “Golf Course Safari,” tooling around the suburban wilds in a golf-cart-cum-Land-Rover, had been a bust. The dozens of crows that had taken up seasonal residence in years past to dine on the grubby bounty of manicured greens had vanished. There wasn’t a caw to be heard....

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